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Monday, 1 July 2013

Night Out

Sorry it's late guys, had yet again another busy weekend, unfortunately I didn't have time to take a picture on the night as I was in such a hurry so you won't be able to see my makeup :( which I was so happy with and my hair which was up in a high big bun, I got complimented on how nice it was aswell :s so sorry but I promise next time I will and I should be going out this weekend so I promise I will do it!!! So I've recreated my outfit to show you all :) I absolutely loved this outfit, I was so chuffed with how it all went together and the bit of skin I did show just gave it that feminine feel! I got to wear my new heels as well so it was a win win situation :) 
So quick item summary, all from NewLook, black bandeau £2.99, printed trousers £16.99, shoes £19.99, statement necklace £7.99 and the blazer is an old one but you can still get various different styles from there :) Happy Shopping :)

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